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'medisyn' CD

'What do we do to reflect? And where do we go to then? What do people look for and what do people find in the church, or in other sacred places? Where did people used to search, long before the church answered their questions? Where do we find healing or where can we heal, and do we that alone or together?’


Dina started her research. She found out what her way of reflecting and healing is. She started writing, and she wrote the album in Frisian; the language that connects her to the depths of herself. And so she made the album: 'medisyn'. And with the album she made a book, in which, in addition to her lyrics, poems and spoken-word, as well as interviews. Dina talked to a herbalist, writer and physician, and she herself tells the story of her research in her book. And, readers and listeners of this book are invited to share their recipe of medicine, and write it down in the book.


This album includes the physical CD as well as a download code. This album does not include lyrics or artwork. If you wish to have the full experience, get the book with all the lyrics, poems, interviews and artwork here.

'medisyn' CD

€ 12,50Prijs
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