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It is clear that Dina has a broad view of the world, and this can be heard in her music. She has worked with musicians from West Africa, England, Australia and Portugal.

DINA is not afraid to use unconventional instruments in her arrangements such as the West African Kora or the Didgeridoo. And DINA is also not afraid to take on her role as producer and produce a record herself. She independently produced  her most recent album 'HEART' which she released in 2020.

As a singer, composer, lyricist and producer born in The Netherlands she mostly calls herself a citizen of the world. DINA’s voice is warm and resonates calmth. She creates a moment of peace in the fast-paced world to find out again who you are and how you connect with each other.

DINA makes a countermovement of the fast music industry. These are not songs that are always played in the same way. On the other hand, it is a musical journey in which you can breathe quietly.  Furthermore, a song only ends when it is time to stop. Every song that is played is unique in this way. The experience of her music enriches you with an experience that makes you feel better, more open and stronger. DINA believes that this will make the world a little better. 

For her new EP 'Up close', DINA entered the studio with Frisian producer Bonne van der Wal. She re-recorded four songs (three from her most recent album 'HEART' and one from her debut album 'My own Way'), but this time with only guitar and voice, vulnerable and pure: “I no longer needed to hide behind the arrangements in the music, I've shown a part of myself that I haven't shown before. When I listened back to the songs from the day before on the second day of recording, I cried intensely. It was only now that I could feel how sad I was when I wrote the music and how much the pain resonates in the music.”

For the artwork of 'Up close' Dina had herself photographed by a camera from 1850. “The special thing about this is that you can only take one picture and you have to sit still for at least ten seconds. “I went to the photo studio with one dress and almost no makeup, just as vulnerable as my music. I found the images shot of me very confrontational. When we played with movement, the image started to match the music even better. Not showing yourself completely because you feel so vulnerable. The photo technique fits so well with my vision as an artist. Not looking for the perfect photo, but for the pure images. This way of photographing requires stillness. That is exactly what I want to convey.