Singer DINA has a mission: to provide her listeners a way out of today's fast-paced world and to stand still for a moment. DINA makes World Indie. Repetitive guitar parts, West African grooves, delicious guitar vibes and last but not least DINA's warm voice, the sound of which comes straight from her heart, are a trademark of her music. Her music feels like a desert landscape. So vast and wide, but a little later very intimate and vulnerable again


In addition DINA makes a statement with its music. She creates a moment of peace in the fast-paced world to find out again who you are and how you connect with each other. DINA makes a countermovement of the fast music industry. These are not songs that are always played in the same way. On the other hand, it is a musical journey in which you can breathe quietly.  Furthermore, a song only ends when it is time to stop. Every song that is played is unique in this way. The experience of her music enriches you with an experience that makes you feel better, more open and stronger. DINA believes that this will make the world a little better. DINA not only helps its listeners, but also herself. She too needs to stand still and just breathe, because as a thinker and doer you sometimes forget that. The music takes her out of her daily obligations and brings her into contact with her heart, only to 'be' again. DINA aims to create this feeling in all her listeners. 


For a whole year, DINA has devoted herself to the upcoming album HEART, of which her first single 'WHAT DO YOU SAY' will be released on March 21, 2020. This is the first self-contained production of DINA in which her creativity is more visible than ever before. She experienced the production process as a voyage of discovery in which a new door was opened. She can experiment, play, compose and arrange endlessly with different instruments. In her previous album ‘My Own Way’, DINA experimented with various musical influences from West Africa. In HEART these influences will be heard again. In HEART, however, DINA has replaced the acoustic guitar with the electric guitar, percussion with the drums and a number of other special instruments can be heard, such as: Didgeridoo, Kora and Harmonica. Just like Dina, the music has also undergone a change, where it has become more mature and the subjects will cut a number of personal experiences. There is more stratification and emotion in it. Dina has had to deal with heartbreak, loss of loved ones and she has been able to find her own strength as an independent woman. DINA's goal with this album is to touch her audience and give them a moment of rest. 


The result has become a trademark of her music, which is reflected in interesting chords through different tuning on the guitar. This again reflects the unique sound of DINA. In her new album HEART, DINA is assisted by musicians with whom she has worked a lot. Cameroonian bass guitarist Benson Itoe, also musical leader of her band, has supported DINA in her creative process. Like the rest of her regular band members, Mamour Seck and Pim Kokkeler assisted her. As icing on the cake, DINA collaborates with guest musicians such as Vieux Cissokho (Kora) and Lies Beijerink (Didgeredoo). DINA also gives the musicians with whom she works the freedom to approach the music from their feelings. From here she directs and refines where necessary. This equal cooperation creates the most special creations, which again makes DINA special.

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