living room concert

Elke concert van DINA is een bijzondere beleving, zowel haar solo performance's als met haar band. DINA wil dat het uitvoeren van haar muziek als een beleving wordt ervaren. Opvallend is dat tussen de liedjes door DINA een goed gevoel voor humor heeft de intense sfeer ook weet te doorbreken met wat luchtigheid.

De grote droom van DINA is om de luisteraar uit te nodigen in haar wereld waar de luisteraar zichzelf weer mag ontmoeten. 

A living room concert is a private concert in an intimate setting, that is often your living room. It is a unique experience where you can enjoy the warm voice of DINA in your own familiar surroundings. 

How does it work?

You can experience such an intimate living room concert together with friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances. If you are interested, you can book DINA to sing to you and your guests. You are the host of hostess during the evening. This means you take care of the organization and make your living room available and fit to this special evening. In collaboration with DINA you agree on a moment when the concert will take place. DINA takes care on her transport and the required technology 


Concert with multiple musicians?

Also, it is possible to arrange a concert with multiple musicians. DINA plays both solo as with her solid line-up. So, it is possible to experience a living room concert in which DINA invites one or more band members.

How long does it take?

Several time set options are available for a living room concert. The first option is a set of one hour and fifteen minutes. The second option is a set of twice thirty-five minutes with a break in between. Although, these are the options offered, DINA is open to its own input. 

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