About DINA


In the 80s and 90s Dina grew up in a quiet place called Oppenhuizen in Friesland. As a young girl she was already impressed by the world and tried to understand its working piece by piece. Dina comes from a musical family and learned to play the piano early. Later she also learned to play the saxophone, marimba, and all by herself the guitar. 


At the age of eighteen she moved to the beautiful town of Zwolle. She started her study at CIBAP and got her bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Design. From 2005 to 2008 she was part of Milo; a lady’s trio originating from Zwolle. The three of them wrote and played their own songs, besides that they played covers. During this period Dina started to discover her voice. She also felt more and more the desire to do more with music. Dina felt the need to know herself better. Therefore, just as to gain inspiration and to meet new people, Dina saved for her first big trip to India and Thailand. 


Lots of worlds opened up for her during her journey. Dina not only discovered that she is a world citizen, but also that she wants to make the world a better place with her voice, stories and music production. This all led to her decision to study at the Academy of Pop Culture in Leeuwarden. An education which has given her the right basis to develop herself as an artist. 






In her autonomous and quirky way, she taught herself to play the guitar. From this she developed her own sound, with which she also distinguishes herself from other artists. While she studied, she established the collective Dina Drinks Tea in collaboration with Henk-Jan ten Klooster. In 2011 the debut EP ‘May I Find You’ was released by this contemporary folk company. 

Even during her studies, Dina continued her voyages of discovery. As a 27-year-old singer-songwriter, she leaves for a unique three-month music project in West Africa. The same year she comes in contact with the Malian top musician Zoumana Diarra. Through Diarra, Dina makes even more contacts with top musicians from Mali and the surrounding area. The people, culture and African musicians form the source of inspiration for her recent debut album, My Own Way, which she released after her studies in October 2016. 


Dina never avoids new challenges. After different collaborations she decides to produce her own record together with producer Jurrie Meulman. However, Dina will still be in control to keep true to her own unique sound. In 2014 she graduates as Bachelor of Music. At her graduation she is accompanied by the Frisian singer Nienke Laverman. 


​Currently, DINA is working on her new album HEART, she performs regularly throughout the Netherlands an she is continuing to build on her musical career. 

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